Walking in the Light

Ligstad Alberton

Our Playgroup promote the Christian Faith.

Playgroup (3 years to 6 years)

The Ligstad NPC playgroup was established in 2015. At the start of 2015 we had a mere 4 kids. This number however grew quickly and today our playgroup has the capacity at accommodate 65 children ranging from 3 to 6 years. We love our little ones and cherish each and every moment teaching and playing with them.  We have 3 classes (3/4 year old-, 5 year old-, 6 year old-class) and education takes place in all three classes. 


Our Passion

Our Playgroup’s passion revolves around our playgroup friends. Each and every child of God is special and should be treated as such. We also have a passion to teach. Just because parents pay less for our services, does not mean that they should get less. The quality of the education Ligstad provides is top notch. We play, we learn and we laugh. We pray before every meal, read Bible stories and sing songs that glorify God. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to create a safe environment in which children can learn a play. A space where children are able to develop physically as well as mentally. A place where they can interact and advance their social skills with their friends and teachers. We help our children to develop their own voice, to grow in self-confidence and self-expression. We desire our little ones to get to know God and His love for them. Ligstad wish to play its part, in raising strong, confident and able minded members of society. 

Ons Nuwe Klaskamers

What we offer to our children

We provide a variety of activities for the children placed in our care, which includes, but is not limited to the following.


Computer Lessons

Our Gr.R class enjoys computer lessons every Thursday, sponsored Stimuzone.


Music Lessons

On Wednesday the talented Ms. Ilse-Louise Herholdt visits Ligstad and brings beautiful music to our ears!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Ligstad Playgroup opens at 06:30 weekdays. Our Half day friends must be fetched at 13:00, while kids joining us for the Full day, have to be fetch before 18:00 in the evening. We are also open most holidays, with no extra charge to you!!!

08:00 – Breakfast (Various Porridges)

10:00 – Tea/Juice time (Beverage provided depends on the weather)

11:30 – Yummy cooked lunch (We provide as much diversity as possible to keep our mealtimes interesting).

12:00 – Full day children take an afternoon nap.

13:00 – Half day children are collected before 13:00.

14:00 – Afternoon snack time.

18:00 – Full day children play from 14:00 and are collected before 18:00 weekdays.

Our gr.R class enjoyed sponsored computer classes on the weekly basis. All playgroup children enjoy music classes, sponsored and hosted by the talented Ilse Louise Herholdt on a weekly basis.​

Volunteer at the Ligstad Playgroup.

Early Childhood Development students are sometimes in need of practical experience while completing their diploma’s. The Ligstad Playgroup assists students in this endeavour when possible. Please contact playgroup@ligstad.co.za for more information on this topic.

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