Meet the Team

Meet the Ligstad Team

Ligstad Board of Directors

Dir. John van Straten


I am a founding member of Ligstad who views my biggest task to assure that the focus maintain on the vision and mission of Ligstad. My dreams for Ligstad is to include more children and parents from the community. I also have a heart for destitute women and children and see the need in our community for a night shelter for the homeless.

Dir. Linda Botha


I am involved as a director of Ligstad since October 2015 and view my biggest task to serve in dependence of God to enable the realisation of Ligstad’s vision and mission. I dream of this team will be sharing and living God’s blessings in order for us to reflect more and more of His light to the glory of God.

Dir. Willie Badenhorst


I am a founding member of Ligstad. I view my biggest task to do whatever I can to to realise God’s plan for Ligstad and dream that Ligstad be a true beacon of light where people can experience Christ’s love, grace and hope.

Dir. Suretha van Straten

Nutritional advisor and Functions.

I was recently co-opted into the Ligstad Board of Directors with the task to be involved in the management of the catering and functions. However since Ligstad started I played a supporting role for my husband John in his involvement at Ligstad. I see my biggest task to make Jesus’s love tangible for every child at Ligstad. My dreams for Ligstad makes me quiver because they are so big, but Ephesians 3 instructs us that we are strengthened by the Spirit Who resides in us. I just want to follow and trust God.

Dir. Andra Badenhorst

Nutritional advisor and Functions.

I am involved in Ligstad since the start and currently more active in Ligstad Bellville for the past two years. My passion is for the seniors in the community and I love to be of assistance to them. My dream for Ligstad is that the community see 1 John 3:16, 18 in the lives of everyone involved with Ligstad… That our acts of service not only be talk but action driven by Jesus’s love and genuine.


Mr. Daniel Viljoen

Operations Manager/Aftercare.

I’ve been serving at Ligstad since October 2015. By being in the service of God, we are also in the service of people. I believe that we all have influence. I choose to use mine to improve the lives of those I serve at Ligstad. I dream of a Ligstad where we are surrounded by people whom are aware of their own special gifts…great gifts that they are willing to share freely. Hebrews 13:16 “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased”.

Ms. Alida Jooste

Social Worker/Community Services.

As a founding member of Ligstad I was one of the dreamers envisioning and witnessing the establishment of Ligstad in 2012. My role as social worker is to focus on community development. I am also responsible for the organisational administration of Ligstad. Partnerships are an important part of Ligstad’s existence and I am thus always alert to establish and develop new partnerships and maintaining existing partnerships. The most important task is is to act in obedience to God’s guidance and to follow Him I dream of a well-established community centre where every member of the community can become part of in order to reach their potential. The vision and mission of Ligstad is what I strive towards daily.

Ms. Hannetjie Turner

H.O.D. Playgroup

I have been with the Ligstad Playgroup since January 2021. My mission is to help and educate our youngster, enabling them to reach their full potential. Working for a Christian organisation, I also aim to model values and norms which are in line with the Christian faith. My dream is to see our playgroup family grow in number, so that as many children as possible may be able to reap the benefit of what this wonderful project in the heart of Alberton North wish to offer.

Mr. Peter Rossouw


I joined the Ligstad team in June 2017. My biggest task is to be of service to God. I love working with the seniors and children and sharing my musical abilities I received as a blessing from God. Uplifting the community is important to me. I dream for Ligstad to truly be a beacon of hope, security and love to the needy in the community. I see my work as a ministry reaching out to the community physically and spiritually.


Ms. Jeanne-Lee Fleuriot

Educator Gr.RR

I started as the Gr.RR teacher in Augustus 2021 and I'm very excited to be part of the Ligstad team. I want my learners happy, carefree and well looked after. I will help guide them to be the best little persons they can be. My motto in life is: "Do unto others, that which you would want have done unto you. Stay positive and keep on believing. Do this, and good things are sure to come your way".

Ms. Tebogo Mogapi

Educator Gr.RRR

I’ve been at Ligstad since April 2016. The biggest mission at Ligstad is to take care of the kids we serve. I wish for them to be as happy as they can possibly be. I dream of success for Ligstad. I believe if we dream big, the results will be just as big.


Ms. Carol Guest


Cleaning and Sanitation

Ms. Sindiswa Mbatha



Mr. Abram Nkopane

Caregiver/Bus Driver.

I’ve been working for Ligstad since March 2013. My role is to transport the Ligstad kids safely and keep them safe. I help to serve the Alberton Community by letting them feel part of something bigger. My biggest dream for Ligstad, is that the organisation will grow to be one of the biggest NPC organisations in the east of Johannesburg. We have to strive to serve more and more kids in need.

Ligstad Partnerships

Ms. Ilse-Louise Herholdt


I am involved with the Ligstad Art Centre section since 2016/17. I am involved to sow my talents back into the Kingdom of God. I am involved at Ligstad teaching music at the playgroup. I want to promote the wonder of music. I also teach recorder lessons to a group of aftercare children at Ligstad once a week. I aim to bring a quality service to these children free of charge. This valuable skill of music is priceless. I view Ligstad to be in the centre of God’s plan for Alberton. God’s Word need to be shared in the community in order for Ligstad’s light to shine in the dark places only God can reach.

Lana Veldhuizen


I have been involved in Ligstad activities and especially in counselling since 2016. I bought into the vision and mission of Ligstad early on and appreciate the opportunity granted to me to partner with Ligstad through Dunamis. I dream of people finding meaning in life through their relationship with God and skills learnt so they may live purposeful and meaningful lives. I can only thank every person involved in Dunamis for the passion they pour into their teaching and art and I am grateful to be a part of something bigger than myself.

Charisma Van Der Merwe

Ocupational Therapist.

Charisma qualified as an Occupational Therapist from the University of Pretoria. She has been working in the community, physical rehabilitation and mental health fields of occupational therapy for the last 8 years. She, together with Ligstad, wants to provide a community resource for young people, creating a support network and social interaction opportunities. She also assists with coordinating care for adolescents with mental health difficulties and supporting them and parents in the process of getting the assistance they need.

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