Our story begins in 2012.  The beautiful building we serve the community from, stood abandoned for two years after the “NG Feesgemeente” amalgamated with “NG gemeente Alberton-Wes”.  Here in the heart of Alberton North the needs was shouting at us to be heard.  A comprehensive community study was done from 1 March 2012 to May 2012 in order to determine the real needs of the community.  A presentation was made to the church council of  “NG Kerk Alberton-Wes” (the owner of the buildings) and permission was granted and support committed to use the buildings to serve the community from.  On 3 September 2012 Ligstad’s doors was opened for the community.  Lonely seniors living in the area found a “home away from home” where they can socialize once a week with their peers and where they could be spoilt a bit.  Fifteen children were also welcomed at the aftercare on that day.

These humble beginnings was all God needed to multiply what was offered to Him in dependence and total obedience. What you see on our web page is the product of God’s blessing on the work done by obedient staff and volunteers.

The story is everything but done and every new day is an opportunity to add a new page to Ligstad’s story.  Thank you for considering to become part of this story.

We need to thank various organisations and partners who believed with us that an organisation like Ligstad is viable in Alberton.  They are:

  • The church council of “NG Gemeente Alberton-Wes”
  • Tutela Headoffice and Tutela Family Care Greater Alberton
  • Alberton Record
  • Many more individuals were borrowed to Ligstad for seasons by God and without them, from whom we learned so much and on who we could trust for their support, our organisation would not have grown this much.

Our Vision

A Beacon of Light and hope in Christ.

Our Mission

It is our heavenly calling to:

  • be a beacon of Light and Hope in the community we live in.
  • be Jesus’s hands and feet by the pro-active development of the community.

Our Passion

It is our passion to live two principles in dependence of God in order to activate the community to actively participate in their community.

These two principle are:

  • To address the general circumstances of the immediate environment in a pro-active manner.
  • To have the community function independent from formal welfare systems, returning their dignity, pride and responsibility in order for them to live their dreams.

Our Dreams

We dream of a community that is involved in each other’s lives in appositive manner.  Ligstad want to touch the entire essence of every community member through the services we render.

  • Quality aftercare focused holistically on each child in our care.
  • Quality Early Childhood Care focused on the holistic well-being of our toddlers.
  • Loving pro-active care for the seniors in the community in order to develop their quality of life optimally.
  • Responsible and quality counselling services rendered to a traumatized community.
  • Quality training to the community regarding a variety of subjects (parental guidance, healthy functioning, etc.)
  • Well-researched programs presented to the community focusing on community development and the personal growth of individuals within their communities.
  • Establishment of partnerships with organisations rendering reactive services in order to refer much needed services.
  • Establishment of partnerships to add to Ligstad’s programs and to contribute to a climate of unity in service rendering in this beautiful town of ours.
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