A truly affordable aftercare, was one of the first services Ligstad ever offered back in 2012. We saw a dead space in the middle of Alberton North and we decided to breathe new life into it. We created meaning where there was none. We started out with 40 kids in our aftercare. After acquiring a new school bus of our own, we developed the capacity to accommodate 65 children in our Aftercare. The Ligstad Aftercare now stands as a safe space, where learners can gather, learn and grow, all under the protecting, watchful eye of our Lord and Saviour.  

Our Passion

One of our great passions at the Ligstad aftercare, is of course our primary school learners. We care about their happiness as well as their wellbeing. We ensure that the meals and snacks our learners receive are well balanced and healthy. We encourage our learners to do their part and work hard, whether they are busy completing their homework, or studying for an upcoming test or exam. It is important for us to teach our learners how to be self-sufficient, which will allow them to use their God given strengths and talents to the utmost. We also find it important to further their knowledge of God, His love as well as His hand in their lives. We wish to foster a culture of love, respect and understanding between our learners, no matter their background.

Our Goals?

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Algemene Vrae

Although the Ligstad Aftercare welcomes children from all Primary School, we only fetch children from Laerskool President Steyn, Generaal Alberts Primary and Alberton Primary.

The Ligstad Aftercare is open most holidays with no extra charge to you.

Ligstad closes for one week in the June/July holiday. We also close the Friday after the schools have closed for the December holidays.

The Aftercare is closed on public holidays.

Each school is fetched individually on normal school days.

When the learners arrive at the aftercare, they are treated to a healthy and balanced cooked lunch.

After a hearty meal, learners move to the study hall to complete their homework.

Learners are free to play after they’ve completed their homework.

At 16:00 our learners enjoy a snack as well as a beverage.

All learners must be fetched before 18:00 weekdays.

We offer recorder lessons on Fridays (optional with no extra charge)

Bible study lessons on Fridays.

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