By the Power of God

Ligstad Alberton


“… for when I am weak, then I am strong.” –  2 Corinthians 12:10

Who: Any person is welcome! Those who need assistance, those who need connection and those who would just like to learn a skill.

What: We make all types of artful projects and sell them for charitable purposes. We also provide holistic upliftment to individuals and families in need.

How: People who want to be a part of this join in groups to make all types of art – crochet, knitting, beading and jewellery making, mosaic, woodwork, painting, paper art, scrapbooking and more. Some people also donate their handmade artful items. These items are sold and funds are used for community upliftment and specific, holistic assistance of individuals and/or families in need.

Why? We are passionate about people and their plight and wish for all people to be able to find their calling, find divine meaning in life and live a full, happy and independent life.

Dunamis work in partnership with Ligstad for the above projects and uplitment of individuals.


Our Vision

A hope for the future and a purposeful existence today for those who need it most.

Our Mission

To create an environment of being together in Christ through providing purpose and a sense of belonging, warmth and caring for all who partake in our skills development groups. Proactive assistance to individuals to develop skills and characteristics. We provide scaffolding to lead people who are in need to their personal calling and a life of purpose.

Dunamis Gallery

Please Donate to us

we are in need of any and all items that could be made into art and will be happy to collect items not needed, from equipment to materials. Please donate to us those items you no longer use!

Items can be dropped off at Ligstad or contact Lana to arrange collection. Monetary donations are welcome – please pay into Ligstad account with reference “Dunamis”

You can also donate your artful items – drop them off at Ligstad or contact Lana for collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For knitting and crochet: Needles, crochet hooks, yarn and wool.

For Beading projects: Plastic dividers for beads, side cutters, pliers, all kinds of wire and string, hooks and key rings, metal beading items, wood beads, pearls, plastic and glass beads, charms and more.

For Mosaic projects: Tile cutters, hammers, tile nippers, mosaic tile craft grout, tile adhesive, glass, mirror, tiles, decorative tiles.

For Paper projects: Paper cutters and presses, all kinds of paper and cardboard, glue, decorations (such as wood, metal, feather, material and plastic décor), colour pens, pencils and ink, various scissors and more.

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Please Support Us.

By buying our artful items. Visit our Facebook page: Dunamis@DunamisMiracles or contact Lana for information on where to find our products. Or join a Skills Group by contact Lana or visiting our Facebook page.

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