“Pro-active Care for Seniors”

Ligstad Alberton

Services to Seniors

God is Groot/Great (GiG): The group meet on Friday mornings 10:00 till 12:00 under the capable leadership of a team of volunteers.  The purpose of the group is firstly, to fulfil in the social needs of lonely seniors.  Secondly, they have an opportunity to become involved in each other’s lives and has the opportunity to actively contribute to their community, having a purpose in life that strengthen their dignity.  They are also cared for spiritually and the volunteers have the opportunity to pro-actively establish their needs.  Any senior is welcome to join.

Transport: Many seniors do not have their own transport anymore and their children lives far away. Their support systems decreases through the years as their peers pass away.  Co-operating with AMCARE, Ligstad renders a service where seniors are taken for shopping once a month with Ligstad’ s bus taking them and AMCARE’s minibuses taking them home after the shopping.  This happens on the first Wednesday of each month.

Some of the seniors also need to visit doctors and clinics.  They phone Ligstad and arrange transport.  Ligstad has a few volunteers who focus on transport and they take responsibility for this service.

Ligstad Angels: We observe more and more that Ligstad’ s seniors are getting more frail leading to them not being able to attend meetings at Ligstad.  The Ligstad Angels is a team of volunteers who make it their mission to do home visits at these seniors in order to address their needs as well.

Our Passion

We love and respect our seniors.  They contributed to individuals, families and communities for many decades and need to be honored for their contributions.  Society does not see the valuable contributions they are still able to make.  They have wisdom and love to share.  They still stay in their homes in our community and form part of the community we serve.  At Ligstad the seniors are able to continue contributing to one another’s lives.  We have a dedicated team of volunteers who invest in the lives of our seniors and attend to their needs.

Our Goals

It is a goal of ours to provide a place the seniors can visit when the walls of their rooms start caving in on them.  Ligstad aims to be the place where they can meet and socialize, while being attended to by our team of volunteers. Our seniors deserve a quality of life.  It is established through personal connections and relationships that enrich their lives.  Special needs are attended to by our volunteers and Social Worker.  We want to protect and serve our seniors as they are vulnerable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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