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Counselling: We live in a traumatised society and trauma and life’s crisis affect us all.  The community of Alberton North does not always have the funds to visit psychologists and counsellors and thus live with unresolved trauma.  This leads to further socio-economic problems that can immobilise individuals’ functioning.

Ligstad has a team trained lay counsellors available to address the counselling needs of the community.  Under supervision of the social worker, they render a valuable service to the community.

Interested community members has the opportunity to attend the annual training for lay counsellors presented by the social worker at Ligstad.

Support Groups: The trained counsellors meet monthly to receive support and to better their skills.

Training: The social worker is an experienced professional in the field of trauma.  To train members of the community in order for them to make a difference in the community they call home, is her passion. Regular training is hence a priority.  Training themes include trauma awareness etc.  She can be contacted to hear your needs regarding training.

Community Self-Care Demonstration Program (CDP): Ligstad is in partnership with the Ardicare Foundation, the developer of this program.  The social worker presents this program in the community within this partnership.  This program was piloted at Hoërskool Alberton where 6 learners participated in the program.  The program was named Soul Workers and the intention is to expand the program to the other high school in the area.  It is a very expensive program and cannot be started without secured sponsorships

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