Mandela Day – 2019.

Today, 18 July 2019, we celebrate Mandela day. On this day we remember a man who taught us the value of forgiveness and doing good towards others. Ligstad was in a fortunate position to be the recipient of a number of good deeds today. Mr. van der Walt (Plumblink, Jacqueline Mall branch) along with Mr. Justin Eggberry (JRE Plumbing), saw to it that all Ligstad’s plumbing issues, troubled us no more. Mr. Lukas Scholtz and his colleagues (from OneDayOnly Offers) paid us a visit and donated a number of folding tables, as well as stationary to our playgroup and aftercare. Waterstone college donated sandwiches, groceries as well as toys. Lastly, the wonderful people from Emalini Enterprises 185 (Alrode) spoiled our youngsters with toiletries and the sweetest cake for snack time!!! Thank you to each and every person and business who took up the Mandela day challenge. Let our good deeds be like rain…we drop a bit everywhere.

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