Mother’s Day Tea Part 2019.

To the world she is a mother, but to her family, she is the world. Once a year mothers all over the world are celebrated and this year, the Ligstad team wanted to assist their little ones in telling their mommies just how much they love them. On the 11th of May 2019, twenty five mothers and their children joined us for a very special Mother’s day Tea Party. Mothers and children took part in fun filled activities and enjoyed some yummy pastries. Thank you to every mommy for setting the time aside to come and enjoy this joyous occasion with your little ones. Thank you to Ilse-Louise Herholdt Rosser for the special mother’s day song she taught our kids, as well as Suretha van Straten for sharing her decorative genius with us. Thank you to each and every Ligstad staff member who had a hand in making the morning possible.

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