Ligstad hosts TPMSA Gauteng conference.

One of the important functions of Ligstad is to provide the community we serve with much needed counselling.  It is a necessary but expensive service which most South Africans cannot afford.

One of the counselling methods used at Ligstad is Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM)

This ministry is about…

God illuminating darkened areas


God’s desire for His children to walk in truth

God’s peace in every situation

Every Christian with the heart for counselling is able to get trained in this model of counselling and Ligstad is committed to train as many community members as possible to serve the community as TPM Facilitators.  This is done under the auspices of the national body TPMSA (Transformation Prayer Ministry South Africa) of which Alida Jooste, the social worker responsible for the training and the counselling program at Ligstad is a member and trainer.

Ligstad had the privilege to host the Gauteng conference on 27 May 2018.  The conference was attended by 31 TPM facilitators from Gauteng.  Valuable networking was done and much needed sharpening of knowledge and skills was attended to on the day.

To God be the glory for a very successful day of which the fruit will be visible for years to come.

Should you be interested in being trained as a TPM Facilitator you are welcome to contact Alida Jooste via e-mail at .

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