Ending 2017 on a High note!!!

The Ligstad Aftercare kids can finally relax after a very busy year. Before our children left on holiday, we wanted to treat them in fine style. On Thursday 30 November 2017, excited kids, volunteer and special guests sat down to a magnificent feast, prepared by the awesome crew from Johnny’s catering in Alberton. Dr. Tienie Kunneke shared a beautiful Christmas message with the children and a lot of laughs were enjoyed. Finally the kids received what they were waiting for the entire day…their Christmas presents. Part of their present consisted of water guns and thus, organized chaos broke loose in an all out water war. Not a dry child or staff member could be found anywhere. The kids enjoyed it immensely and that is all that mattered. We have to thank our sponsors for spoiling our kids this year. Thank you to Mr. Willie Croeser, Raceview Motors, the VLU Wildekastaiing branch, the Alberton Retirement Village as well as Ascot Bedding and Furniture. Thank you to our kids, you deserved it.

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