Ligstad Playgroup Concert 2017!!!

Not every rainy day is a boring day with nothing fun to do. This past Saturday, the Ligstad Playgroup showed everyone present what they were made of. The kids have been practicing for months and on the morning of 25 November 2017, they finally had the chance to impress, and impress they surely did. The kids were all over the stage, strutting their stuff with parents and staff cheering them on. Good music and good dancing, what could be better?

Afterwards the Ligstad Grade R class had their chance to own the lime light. One by one and with proud parents shouting with joy, the kids walked up to receive their graduation certificates. There weren’t a dry eye in the room. No one other than our Councillor, Mr. Izak Berg, joined the kids on stage to personally present them with schoolbags and stationary. Wowie, what an honour!

The last segment of the day was probably the most exciting, with the little ones receiving their Christmas gifts. The gifts were jointly donated by Raceview Motors, Ascot Bedding and Furniture as well as the VLU Wildekastaiing branch. On behalf of the Ligstad Management and its board of Directors, we would like to thank each and every person who made this glorious day a possibility. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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