Sunday Sermons are re-introduced in Alberton North.

After much prayerful reflection and the timely provision of the necessary servants, Ligstad is on the brink of realising their dream of re-opening the doors of the grand old lady, the old “Eeufeeskerk”, in association with the the Dutch Reformed Church Alberton West, to serve the community in the way that it was originally intended – with Sunday morning worship services commencing on 4 June 2017 at 9:00.  This is an addition to the work already done through Ligstad in the community.  The doors will be flung open to welcome everyone in the community with open arms.  Services will be lead in English by Jim Rosser.  Not steering away from the Dutch Reformed and the Presbyterian churches’ proud tradition of Bible based theology, there will definitely be an different slant to the service. Ligstad also welcomes Ilse-Louise Herholdt-Rosser who will be responsible for the music. During these services there will be moments of musical solo’s where you will be allowed to find your inner-piece in God’s presence combined with the powerful messages Jim will deliver.

The Alberton Rekord covered this wonderful story. To view the full article, please follow the link below:

The theme for the first service is “Light of the world”.

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