Together we are so much stronger – Why we need Community.

It is said that the only thing that is certain in life is death and taxes.  This suggest that the one thing in life that is certain to be expected, is change.  We live in a society where circumstances change   almost on a daily basis and us coping with the  ever-changing world we live in, is called survival.

One of the gifts God blessed us with to cope with and survive change is community.  We need a community to help us weather the changes and the challenges it bring daily. The saying: “no man is an island” is so very true when our passion is  helping individuals, groups and communities   navigate through the chaos we live in.

Guiding individuals, groups and communities through challenging circumstances is the core business of Ligstad.  Pro-actively we evaluate the strengths of and the resources within the individuals, group and the community we serve.  After four years of preparing the soil the first fruits can be tasted.  Community members saying enough is enough and that it is time to look for solutions within our community and be the difference, are taking hands as we speak to investigate new avenues, starting dialogues and getting their hands dirty to better the community they reside and work in.

Ligstad is privileged to be part of this initiative and proudly offers its structures to mobilise this community initiative.  To hear more about       Ligstad’s social community involvement you are invited to visit me at Ligstad.  No one need to      re-invent the wheel.  Let us link our resources      together and form a strong chain to weather the change in Alberton North pro-actively.

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