Good manners, discipline and structure.

There is a saying that goes: “It is much easier to prevent bad behaviour, than to try and break it”. At Ligstad we work hard to encourage good discipline. Children are rewarded for good behaviour and receive time outs when they display unwanted behaviour. Of course it is very important to explain to the child why his or her behavior is unwanted and the consequences it might lead to in the future. It’s also important to reject the child’s unwanted behaviour and not the child as a whole. Most of our human behaviour, is learned through observation and modelling. Observing a child’s behaviour at school, aftercare or any other public setting, usually provides a good idea of the type of discipline the child receives at home. For this reason it is very important for parents not only to teach good behaviour, but to practice what they preach as well. Then there is the   subject of structure and rules. Structure and rules leads to predictability. Children are frightened by unpredictability. Good structure means that the child knows what to expect of each day. The Ligstad kids know that we do homework from 15:00 to 16:30. After they have completed their homework, they are free to go and play. Thus, they know what to expect and will be more willing to cooperate. They learn to manage their time and that work comes before play. These are qualities that children carry into their adult lives, to become more successful students and  employees. Its importance, cannot be overstated.

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