Thank you Citizens of Alberton!

At the start of the year, Ligstad called upon the citizens of Alberton to volunteer their time at our aftercare facility. Since then, a number of wonderful individuals have joined our cause as volunteers and we couldn’t be happier. Our new volunteers really have had their work cut out for them. Being a volunteer and working close to children isn’t always easy, as it comes with some significant responsibilities. Volunteers play an important role in the shaping of young minds, not only by helping learners to complete their homework but through the conversations they have with the learners as well. Learners look up to you as volunteers and feel very special when they receive your undivided attention. The children become accustomed to your presence and hope to see you at the aftercare facility on a regular basis and of course, miss you dearly on days when you aren’t able to interact with them. The rewards gained from volunteering your time are of a pure emotional and spiritual nature. Some find meaning in their lives by giving back to the community while others make use of the opportunity to fill a gap in their personal lives. Serving as a volunteer is a healthy way of passing the time while waiting on other career furthering opportunities to arrive, because it grants you a place to belong and enable you to feel useful. The Ligstad staff as well as its management, would like to make use of this opportunity to thank each and every volunteer at our aftercare facility for the time and effort spent on our children. You’re our heroes and the kids love you. Anyone interested in volunteering their time at Ligstad should feel free to contact Daniel Viljoen on 011 907 0518 or 082 221 3773/ Alida Jooste 079 693 3666.

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